Why conclude a Pre-birth Insurance ?

A Pre-birth Insurance is to offer to your future child, a protection in health insurance before his birth. With health insurance being obligatory in Switzerland, at their birth, you'll have to insure them anyway. In what concerns the complementary insurance, a health survey will determine whether you're admissible or not. We know that unfortunately, there are risks at birth, and protecting your future child against these risks is our priority and our advice.

Concluding a Pre-birth Insurance before the birth of your child means also avoiding the health survey, thus completely protecting your child.

Advantages of Pre-Birth Insurance 

administratif prenatal

No paperwork

Enjoy your first days with your child without having to worry about paperwor

Child Protection

Baby Protection

No health surveys in pre-birth insurance for your baby, that's protecting them


Tailor-made follow-up

Your pre-birth specialist accompanies you during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby

First of all, what possibilities are out there ?

The basic pre-birth health insurance is the same as the basic child insurance, the system is to be choosed together.



Full liberty in the choice and consultation of every pediatrician and doctor without following any rules.

pédiatre prénatal

Family pediatrician

Allows you to reduce the price of the quote, if you engage to consult the family pediatrician first. (Emergencies excepted)

téléphonie prénatal

Phone Model

Allows you to reduce the price of the quote, if you engage to call a hotline before consulting a pediatrician. (Emergencies excepted)

Every one of these 3 systems has their advantages and disadvantages.

Your pre-birth specialist will discuss with you and will present to you these subtilities in order to adapte the right pre-birth offer to your needs.

Which is the best pre-birth insurance offer?

Now that we've chosen together the basis system (LAMal) most adapted to your child, we'll study the solutions that are generally included in the babypackage offers.

Complementary insurance of cares (risk type)

The medical benefits covered by the basic insurance (LAMal) are often not adapted nor complete to cover your child. The goal is to protect them to the maximum, and to expand the benefits that can be reimbursed. Most of the health insurance compagnies propose complementary care insurance products, with the goal to fulfill the gaps of the basic insurance. For the young kids, interesting offers called Baby Packages are proposed.

Complementary cares insurance covers in general

  • Unlisted medicaments

  • Abroad protection

  • Ambulance transports

  • Glasses and contact lenses

  • Medical material leasing
  • Auxiliary means

  • Non-medical psychotherapy

  • Coverage in all of Switzerland

  • Orthodontic traitements

  • Medical juridical protection

These are the basic coverages, that are generally combined with complementaries of alternative cares.

The future of your child begins here !

Natural care complementaries

  • Complementary natural medecine

  • Prevention, check-ups, exams, analysis, etc.

  • Vaccines

  • Nutrition

  • Medical material leasing
  • Baby swimmer

  • Allergies

  • Baby massage

  • Development troubles

  • Protruding ears

The future of your child begins here !

Acces to private clinics and free choice of your doctor

  • Free choice of the specialist

  • Free choice of the private clinic

  • Acces to better cares

The 1/2 private or private insurance, for kids. The goal isn't only to offer the best comfort to your child, but also to be able to accompany him and sleep-in if he had to be hospitalized.

The principal is the power of choosing the specialist, the surgeon. Since you're child is covered in private insurance, this allows you to inquire and find the best surgeon in Switzerland and have him perform the surgery. This complementary is primary and offers an absolute security.

Moreover, the service in the emergency rooms at the public hospital makes you wait for hours before being treated. Thanks to the 1/2 private or private coverage, you can go to the emergency service of one of the closest clinics and enjoy a faster access.

The future of your child begins here !

Dental insurance and orthodontics

These two dental coverages need to be differentiated, since often they are not included together. Orthodontics are mostly included with the complementary cares insurance.

Dental care insurance is generally optional.

These insurances are proposed on all baby packages. Two options are offered to you. Either you cover and pay for dental insurance even though your baby has no teeth yet, or start this insurance later.

  • Dental care (caries, dental hygiene, controls and treatments)

  • Orthodontics (dental rings, dental apparel)

If you opt for the second option, thus starting these insurances later, it's financially-wise of you. But be careful nonetheless; between the age of 3 or 5, depending on the insurance company, a dental survey will be asked, which wasn't the case before. If your child has predispositions on problems or treatements in that moment, the insurance can be refused.

To sum, either you pay from his birth and conclude this insurance in pre-birth, in order to not take any risks. Or you add it later, but do not forget to do it before the dental survey is demanded. Being insured via monbebemavie.ch specialists, you will be followed and advised ant reminders are set in order to not leave any room for mistakes. You'll be certain to offer the best to your child.

The future of your child begins here !

Invalidity, death, and sickness benefits

As explained in our Child Protection article, the eventualities of invalidities of your baby, your child, are difficult to imagine. However, it is a reality and 29% of invalidities concern children.

It's an option we recommend and it can be easily put in place.

When to conclude your pre-birth insurance?

Why is it important to plan ahead your pre-birth insurance? We never know what can happen. Some children are in a hurry and come to the world prematurely. Offering a pre-birth health insurance to them means they are covered even if they arrive sooner than expected. Technology allows us to accompany premature-childs until their development is finished, but in such a case, the baby would undoubtely be refused by the insurance compagnies. That's why, a pre-birth insurance is important.

The future of your child begins here !

 meilleure assurance prenatale

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