Child Savings

My child, my poetry...

The little one will be here soon, every day you feel him move, react to your daily habits : this moment is unique, and it's yours... You feel this connection that nobody else feels... and days pass by. Here we are, this day that will rest forever embedded on your memory, the day your child comes to life.

A child who depends entirely on you, with whom you will construct a bond stronger than anything. And it will all go fast: the first lovely smiles, the first words, the first steps... And we have to think of their needs already, in order of different phases of their life, thus being able to better support them. This way you'll see your child grow up, realise his dreams, and thanks to you, take his wings...

This new feeling of happiness, is the feeling of seeing them happy, offering the best to them.

Why to save for your child's future?

Put all the odds in their favor !

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His studies

Child Savings

A foreign language

Child Savings voiture

First car

Whether it is for his future studies, his first apartment or the car for his first job, to offer him a starting capital is the best gift you can give him. We know the importance of studies in life, the importance of learning a foreign language, the richness of a linguistic stay. The pleasure of the first car or simply the moment of independance when we get into our first apartment. Wouldn't your dream to have this chance?
Offer it to them.

Unfortunately, we also have knowldege of the cost it implies, the financial difficulty of some situations, and most of all... the sadness of not being able to realize our dreams.

We're here, with you, for you, and mostly together for the future of your child.

Which savings plan to choose?

What do we want to offer them?

  • First of all, security | because your savings are their future, let's guarantee they get there !

  • Yield income aswell | small streams make big rivers, 3% to 8% yield income !

  • An adapted protection | our goal is that, whatever happens, they can benefit from this capital !

In order to offer them all these advantages and thus allow them achieve their goals and dreams at a certain age, we have two options :

Firstly, the classical solution, the bank one with a simple savings account. The low yield income, aswell as the high account fees, rendered this savings solution less interesting than it was. The second solution, is the savings targeted by the 3rd pillar insurance for children. This solution is privileged for its fiscal aspects, the protections it offers, and the yield income. Being able to "have control" over the account and to decide the most adequate moment to withdraw the capital, is also appreciated by the parents., collaborates with both banks and insurance compagnies, and presents to you, in a clear and precise way, the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

In order to offer them all these advantages and thus allow them achieve their goals and dreams at a certain age, we have two options :

Rate guarantee Variable interest rate Guaranteed interest rate
Child invalidity protection None In option
Tax deduction Non According to cantons
Short-term repurchase Possible With penalty
Final capital control Children over 18 years old Parents / Takers
Succession advantages None Privileges
Monthly amount Flexible Fixed
Bankruptcy / Debt Protection None Total protection
Protection against the death of one parent None In option
Possibility to change the amount Open Open
Low-risk yield income Very Low High

The comparative being clearer, we'll talk about insurance savings in priority, which is our optimal advice in order to guarantee a certain future to your child.

Characteristics of a Child Savings Plan

Generally the parents subscribe for the savings insurance for their children, but grand parents, a close friend or the godfather can also offer them this future capital. They are the takers of the insurance ; the children are called the beneficiaries.

The child savings plan has for objectif their 18 or 25 year anniversary. The possibility to withdraw a part or the totality of the contract before this age exists, but nevertheless, we advise you to respect the target age. It's so far and so close at the same time.

Once the contract reaches its end, the money is deposited to the taker of the insurance, and not the child ; the parents have a total control of the money.

Moreover, in case of death or invalidity of one of the parents, the quote will be paid by the company. The contract will not be stopped in any case, and the child will have the capital guaranteed at the beginning ; because guaranteeing his future is the most important.

Advantages of a Child Savings Plan

  • The possibility to save from taxes by tax deduction !

  • The final amount of savings comes back to you, you have total control over the use of this capital.

  • The possibility to include invalidity and death benefits, that is Child Protection.

  • In case of death of one of the parents, the guaranteed capital is deposited to the child once they reach adult age.

  • There exist different categories offering importang yield incomes.

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A gift

Child Savings


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