Childbirth and taxes

The birth of your child will change your life. What about your taxes?

Answers to this question, in spite of popular belief, are not that simple. Every situation is different, even if in some cases, the same ligne of conduct is present.

Mariage or not ?

Without doubt the most asked question. We hear a lot of people saying that mariage raises taxes... nevertheless, that's not correct. Generally, but not always, a couple where two people receive good salary, risk an increase of taxes. In a couple where only one of the two parents work, a decrease of taxes can be possible. Anyways, it suits better to study each case, in order to better understand the situation of each couple, to make a decision.

What to do with the family allocations that add to the salary ?

Family allowance, even though it's not in high amounts, it's a financial aid given from the birth of a child. In a tax point of view, these allowances add to your salary, so they can influence a considerable tax increase. It's important to think about ways of limiting these taxes, all by keeping the same goal on mind: your children's future.

Full-time or part-time work ?

Part-time jobs are the most frequent. And because, beyond life comfort, the financial benefits of a part-time job are to be taken into account as well. Indeed, the global revenue of your household is lower, but that also means less taxes, less contributions, les care expenses for your child. It's really important to balance every option in order to see wich one is the most advantegous tax-wise.

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