Administrative measures

Paperwork... it's important, necessary and everyone loves it ;-)

Our specialists, who accompany pregnant women during their different steps, resumed the most important administrative measures in order to simplify things for you, so you can fully enjoy your first moments with your newborn baby.

Anounce the maternity to your employer

Like mentioned in our "Maternity Rights and Delays" rubric, the maternity anounce to your employer is obligatory if you want to benefit from profit loss allowances.

Some employers require a medical certificate. Simply, think about it when you visit your gynecologist or your doctor and make the anounce to your employer.

Reminder: the employer cannot terminate an undetermined work contract of a pregnant worker, neither during the pregnancy, nor during the 16 weeks following the childbirth. Protection starts on the first day of pregnancy, even if you did not know about it at the time.

Attention: the protection does not apply, if the trial period, which can go up to 3 months, is not finished.

Where to go

If you are a Swiss resident, the recognition of your child can be done in any civil status office.

Here's the link that will indicate where to address yourself precisely:

Which documents are necessary

In general, an ID, alond with a proof of residence will suffice.

Effects of recognition

Once the recognition is effective, the validity of filiation between the child and his father is established, starting from his birth date. (retroactive affiliation if the recognition is done after the birth of the child).

The father and his child can thus claim their rights and their duties. These include f.e.:

  • Parental authority
  • Upkeep obligation
  • Succession rights
  • Social protection

If the mother of the child is not of Swiss nationality, but the father is, the child will acquire the Swiss nationality of the father.

If you're not married, you can make a request in order to get the joint parental authority.

But, if this recognition is not desired mutually, the parental authority is exclusively accorded to the mother. The choice of the last name, religion, or any other decision concerning the child are made by the mother.

Which last name will your child have ?

If you're married, the child will have your commun last name. If your last names are different, the child will have the one you chose for him at your marriage. (It's always possible to change it, with an one year delay after the birth)

If you did not make a choice, it's at the birth anouncement that you have to do it.

If you're not married

The child will take the last name you chose to give him at the anouncement of his birth.

In every case, the other children will have the same last name as the first child.

If you have another needs or questions, our specialists study every case and will help you find the best solution possible.

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