Childbirth preparations

In this particular, unique day... that is really important, the day your baby sees the light. You can prepare for this day by learning breathing, relaxing methods, by muscling some parts of your body, or simply by understanding the differents childbirth steps as presented by professionals.

You've understood it, the before-childbirth preparation has become essential and represents a huge step for future mothers in order to help them have a better childbirth experience.

These childbirth preparations, where you can benefit from different advices, given to you by professionals, midwifes, coaches or doctors, are also an occasion to talk about your worries, to ask your questions, to meet other future mothers. These childbirth preparations are also a way to accord your self some rest, a moment for yourself, a real parenthesis on the way of meeting your baby.

There exist classic or more innovative methods, some reimbursed by the basic insurance and some by the complementaries ; some are even at your own charge. Classes exist in groups, with the father, or alone.

What methods do exist and how are they reimbursed?

Our little guide on reimbursements :

  • The methods reimbursed by the LAMal up to 150.-
  • The methods reimbursed by some of the complementary insurances from x.- to x.-
  • The methods that are entirely at your charge.

The most classic childbirth preparation

Called painless childbirth preparation or obstretical psychoprophylaxic. You'll learn everything you need to know in order to manage at best your childbirth, because by asking questions, discovering different processes of this day and your childbirth, you'll feel better. You'll learn about gestures, positions, breathing techniques that will help you manage your labor pain. This goal of this class is to make you conscious about your body's capacities through different exercices which concentrate on your body, posture, breathing, perineum, pelvis etc.

The Aquagym preparation, Aquamaternity

It's one of the famous preparations nowadays. Classes are organised around group aquatic gymnastics. It also help you work on your breathing. When you're in water, you forget your stress, you can relax, muscle your body and stay fit. One of the advantages is to feel lighter and be more flexible when you exercice.

Haptonomics or Affectivity Science preparation

The goal of this preparation is to bond with your future child and communicate with him. The father is really invested in this technique, mostly learning to communicate with the baby and by having his place of support during the childbirth. By belly contact, parents communicate with their child.

The most classic childbirth preparation

To understand your body, is to be conscious about it, and it is the first step on your sophrologic preparation. This will allow you to react better against unpredictable life gaps. This technique will help you accept and understand the physical and psychological changes linked to your pregnancy, as well as decreasing your pain and stress level.

Yoga preparation

The yoga has become, for some, a life phylosophy. To be zen and in total harmony with one's body and spirit, is the main goal of this method. Adapted to breathing needs, tranquility and self-control, that are needed for a successful childbirth, the pre-birth yoga has proven to be successful these last years.

A lot of other childbirth preparations exist, and our specialists have the pleasure to advise you, as well as inform you and present the different solutions to you.

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