During the pregnancy period, the woman's body gives to the baby all the elements they need to get a good development : proteins, good fats, sugars, as well as vitamins and minerals. In order to achieve this, it's important to have a good nutrition during your pregnancy. Women who feed themselves the right way help and contribute to the good health of their future baby. Moreover, they feel less tired, and are full of energy. They're generally in good health, which makes their pregnancy better.


Everyday, 3 portions of milk or fairy products, along with a portion of an aliment rich in proteins (meat, fish, eggs, cheese or other protein souce like tofu or quorn) are recommended. From the 4th month of the pregnancy, the protein needs are slightly increased.

Vitamins et les minerals

Vitamin and mineral needs, increase faster than energy needs.

No specific recommandation is given to pregnant women concerning mineral consumption. Before, the general advice was to limit the mineral consumption, in order to avoid an arterial tension increase during the pregnancy. Today, we know that the liquid quantity and minerals consumed dont have a link to the hypertension that can be present at some pregnant women. At the contrary, we know that a weak mineral nutrition is bad for health. But salt and mineral consumption is to be moderated.

It's better to avoid fast sugars (sweets i.e.), and privilege slow sugars as found in cereals, whole weat bread, rice. dry vegetables...

  • Eat 3 times a day.
  • Eat between 2-3 fruits a day
  • Eat a variety of aliments


Alcohol and smoking

The recommendations during pregnancy are "zero alcohol, zero smoking".

Actually, alcohol is a real danger for the baby. It increases significatively the malformation and alternation of the nervous system risks. It's imperative not to drink during pregnancy.

Smoking cigarettes, or cannabis, can also have consenquences in the good development of the pregnancy, like: Placentary complications, premature birth risks, growth retardation of the baby etc.

Childbirth - and then?

After 9 months of waiting, the birthday of your child finally comes. A moment you've been waiting for. If giving birth is a challenge for the mother, coming to life is one as well for the baby.


The first milk a mother goes into nurses after the childbirth is called the colostrum. Maternity milk is perfectly adapted to the needs and the development of the child.

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