Day care centers, kindergartens, Nurseries

Different child care models are available. There are day care centers, nurseries, kindergartens, a young fille au pair, a nurse...

But the costs are very different depending on the formula you choose.

Inequalities depending on the area the parents live also exist. In some regions, there is a strong demand and the existing structurs cannot cover all the children. Parents need to turn to other solutions in this case.

1- Subsidized welcome centers (private or public) and familial houses

The rate depends on the parents' income. Each region of every canton has its own scale.

The communes and the canton participates in these costs.

Communes participate to these costs in different types of allowances :

one contribution per habitant,

provision of free or in advantageous condition locals

Some firms created welcoming structures for the staff's children.

The canton participates in structural charges. It subsidizes a part of the educatif staff's salary and the direction's, the trainings of the educators, and supports financially the staff's improvement.

Day welcoming costs a lot to the numerous associations that volunteer for the management. Thus, they are constantly searching public or private contributions. The public power's financement, contributes to the quality check all in balancing the needs and the offers available to the families.

2- Private welcoming places (Nurseries and kindergartens)

For a day in kindergartens, you should foresee between 80'- and 120.- francs.

In the nursery schools and games, the rate is per hour.

3- Home employees - for more information see the file about home employees

Your child is cared after at your home by a person placed under your responsability.

A salary between 3'000.- and 4'000.- francs a month, plus the social charges, nourishment and eventually the housing.

4- A jeune au pair girl or boy. For more information, see the jeune au pair file

A salary between 400.- and 900.- francs per month. Plus the AVS/AI/APG contributions from the first day of their 18th year, or the first day of their arrival if they're of adult age.

They should also be declared to the Communal Compensation Fund.

In addition to housing and nourishment, you have to give them a possibility of following a language course of minimum 4 weekly hours.

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