Post-birth gymnastics

Getting back in shape, it's the first goal of post-birth gymnastics. Feeling better about your body, after these difficult months, will make feel beatiful, and at ease.

Different post-birth gymnastic classes will help you:

  • Re-educate your perineum
  • Re-inforce your abdominal strap
  • Loosen up your muscles and zones that were sought by the pregnancy
  • Learn on how to have a good corporal firmness
  • Prevent incontinences
  • Learn the good daily reflexes
  • Enjoy sharing and relaxation moments

Different classes exist, and our partners offer you differenc approaches, whether it concerns the integration of your baby, the stroller, personnal classes or group training.

By being a client of you can profit from different discounts. Complementary insurances can equally add a reimbursement of a couple hundred francs.

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