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To offer the best to them it's our mission, and we do it with passion.

monbebemavie.ch, a specialised department of SPARTA GROUP S.A. an anonymous society of Swiss right, with it's headquarters in Zoug, and branchs in Geneva and Lausanne.

It's main mission is the negociation of conventions with the Swiss insurance companies, advices, as well as the complete management of insurance contrats of its private and company clients.

Specialists of monbebemavie.ch accompany their clients on their choice of the most adapted coverage to their needs. Moreover, they assure the dialog between the clients and the insurance companies, and deal with all administrative measures linked to the changements and negociations of insurances.

Thanks to its experience and its knowdledge, monbebemavie.ch, assures you an accompaniment, a follow-up, and a global vision of all the needs of a pregnant woman, all in having an unique collocutor. monbebemavie.ch

monbebemavie.ch proposes equally an administrative follow-up, as well as a global analysis of your insurance portfolio. monbebemavie.ch performs quote calls compared to your need and compares the prices for you.

In that way, you will be certain to have the best offer at the best price !

The important thing is to protect your child, to accompany, to advise you and to offer the best to your child.
 meilleure assurance prenatale

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Specialists of monbebemavie.ch they analysed the best Pre-birth Insurance offers of the 9 biggest health insurance companies in Switzerland and present you the results in a personnalised way.

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